After Adriana, Marjorie!

The local French Red Cross unit in Clamart has received a brand-new ambulance. The project was supported by the Terre Plurielle foundation and Marjorie Paillas, project manager at Structis and a sponsor for the association.

Marjorie Paillas

Marjorie has been a French Red Cross volunteer for five years in the local Clamart unit.  She is a team leader and every weekend supervises a team of four first-aid workers who intervene in public areas and private residences in all kinds of cases, such as illness, accidents, falls, assaults, childbirth, etc.

The local unit teams in Clamart received a first-aid ambulance on 18 December 2015. The Terre Plurielle foundation awarded the project a grant of €16,000. “We have been denied grants by the public services several times.  The project would never have seen the light of day without the support of Terre Plurielle,” explains Marjorie.

For this passionate volunteer, the new ambulance is a safer way of marking out the scene of an accident, as well as ensuring the treatment and transport of victims within time frames set out in safety standards.

Roles in “La Croix Rouge”

  • Be part of the Hauts-de-Seine emergency services network in collaboration with the region’s paramedics and the Paris fire brigade
  • Initiate an intervention by a Red Cross team from the Hauts-de-Seine paramedics’ urgent medical call dispatch centre
  • Carry out timely first-aid tasks identical to those done by emergency services
  • Treat victims with first-aid and give information on the victim’s status to the triage doctor (paramedics or fire brigade)
  • Send victims to the nearest suitable hospital if necessary