Terre d'Avenir, the foundation diversified!
Winning duo

As part of the Terre d’Avenir programme, supported by its Terre Plurielle foundation, Bouygues Construction wants to help siteworkers in professional integration programmes find a job. The idea is to create partnerships between siteworkers in professional integration programmes and employees, to help them with their career plans. Learn about the example of Benoît and Gaston on the worksite for the future Paris Law Courts.

Gaston has worked on the worksite for the future Paris Law Courts (17th arrondissement) since May 2015. He is one of the siteworkers on professional integration programmes on our worksites, who are recognised for their great determination and serve as an example to all, but unfortunately cannot be hired because of the difficult economic circumstances in France. The head of his team, Benoît, signed up to the Terre d’Avenir programme, initiated by Terre Plurielle*, to help him find a job. Benoît will provide support to Gaston until he finds a job (and for six months afterwards) at all stages, such as writing his CV, interviews, and sharing his personal network. We will catch up with them again at the end of the year to review their experience and the programme in general. Ten partnerships like Benoît and Gaston’s were formed on the worksites of the future Paris Law Courts and the Nîmes-Montpellier bypass (OCVIA).

*Terre d’Avenir is an employee involvement programme initiated by Terre Plurielle that was launched last April to support education and professional integration. To find out more about the programme, you can watch or rewatch the interview with Philippe Bonnave, President of Terre Plurielle, and Jean-Manuel Soussan, Manager of Terre Plurielle.