Education & Employment


Construction of a nursery school in Burma
the “Enfants du Mékong” association

Sponsors: Bouygues Construction

Created in 2002, the “Enfants du Mékong” association has been working for nearly 60 years with underprivileged children in Southeast Asia.
The association has a project in Burma, near Yangon, in the underprivileged neighbourhood of Dala, where a nursery school with 45 children is located in a flood zone.
The project aims to move the school, and at the same time, increase its capacity so that more children may attend in better conditions.
Terre Plurielle helps finance the construction works for this nursery school.

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This project is part of the: Education
Country: Burma - Yangon/Dala
Terre Plurielle’s contribution: €20,000
Board of Directors: June 2018