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Equipment for an artistic training room for children in a shelter
Friends of Hue

Sponsors: VSL Group

The Xuan Phu Children Sponsoring Centre created in 2003 welcomes, houses, cares for, and educates 33 children who have been abandoned or orphaned who are between 7 and 21 years old.

As part of the children’s schooling, the centre has developed extracurricular activities such as artistic classes that are focused on traditional music and painting styles.

For these artistic activities to be set up, the centre has invested in a room that needs to be equipped with materials.

Terre Plurielle is helping to fund the purchase of musical instruments, equipment for the room, and supplies for art workshops.
At the end of the project, the children will host an exhibition and concert in the city of HUE.


This project is part of the: Education
Country: Vietnam – province de Hue
Terre Plurielle’s contribution: €5.392
Selection Committee: May 2019


Refurbishing three child-care centres
Be The Change Foundation

Sponsors: Bouygues Bâtiment International

Since 2012, the goal of the Be The Change Foundation has been to increase charity donations and promote volunteering on the island, both by residents and tourists.

After Hurricanes Irma and Maria hit in 2017, many buildings were damaged and were unable to be renovated.

The association has created a renovation programme implemented by volunteers.

The project involves buying materials and supplies to renovate these three child-care centres.

Terre Plurielle is funding the purchasing of these materials and supplies.

This project is part of the: Education
Country: Sint Maarten - Cay Bay, Fort Willem, Dutch Quarter
Terre Plurielle’s contribution: €14.574
Selection Committee: May 2019


Renovating three schools in Morocco
"Amis des Ecoles Association"

Sponsors: Bouygues Bâtiment International / Bymaro

Created in 2006, the "Amis Des Écoles Association" works to improve living conditions for people in isolated rural areas in Morocco through improved access to education.

The project involves renovating three schools in the Tata province of Morocco.

The Association is investing in thermal isolation and replacing old and damaged windows and doors.

Moreover, the vehicle used for the projects is in poor condition and needs to be replaced.

Terre Plurielle is helping fund the equipment and supplies needed to renovate these three schools and purchase a second-hand utility vehicle.

This project is part of the: Education
Country: Morocco
Terre Plurielle’s contribution: €15.000
Selection Committee: May 2019


Art for young people with difficulty communicating
Holborn Community Association

Sponsors: Bouygues Bâtiment International – Bouygues UK

Created in 1989, the Holborn Community offers a wide range of activities for people in vulnerable situations.

Their workshops include a creative communication group for young people 6 to 16 years old with difficulty communicating, attention deficit disorder, or autism.

This programme is organised by professionals.

Terre Plurielle has funded this activity programme for 2019/2020.


This project is part of the: Education / Healthcare
Country: Great Britain - London
Terre Plurielle’s contribution: €9.336
Selection Committee: May 2019


Acquiring an embroidery machine, a work tool for young people under educational monitoring
A. Mequignon Foundation

Sponsors: Bouygues Bâtiment Ile-de-France / Brézillon

The A. Mequignon Foundation created in 1859 houses and assists children placed in its care by the French child welfare department.

The Foundation has several types of assistance services adapted to the age of the children including a specialised prevention service (called ‘Les Réglisses’) for young people ages 12 to 21 years old.

The service helps young people create plans for their futures by offering interesting workshops to help them discover new sectors of work such as the textile industry.

In order to strengthen and adapt educational monitoring, the specialised prevention service created a programme with textile embroidery workshops to help young people learn to customise athletic wear.

This programme brings together several skill sets and helps young people acquire knowledge and refine their plans for their futures.

Terre Plurielle has helped fund the purchase of the embroidery machine for the young people to use.

méquignon 2

This project is part of the: Employment
Country: France - Paris
Terre Plurielle’s contribution: €6.000
Selection Committee: May 2019