The information below will help you find your way around our website.

Website layout

Size of characters
To allow users to modify the display scheme of the website and, in particular, the size of the characters displayed, layout is based on relative (em units and percentages) rather than absolute units (pixels). To change the size of the characters:

  • Ctrl + mouse trackwheel
  • Or “Display / Text size” menu

Resizing the website
The website can be resized – width 800 to 1024 pixels – to suit different screen resolutions.


The Foundation’s website is published in two languages: French and English. The different versions are accessible from “French” or “English” flag links on each page.

Navigation and links
The website plan is accessible from a link at the bottom of each page.
The search engine is accessible from each page.
Links to the main website channels are included on each page.

Tabular Navigation
It is possible to browse through the site using the sole keyboard: the Tab key can be used to move from one link to another. Use the Enter key to validate.
A title is allocated to each link, to describe the link in detail, unless the text of the link gives a complete description of the target. To view the title, position the cursor or any other pointing device on the link text.

The time needed to download the site pages is reduced as much as possible. However, to ensure optimum comfort of use, in particular when downloading certain documents, the consultation of the multimedia animations and the videos on the site, we recommend a high bandwith Internet connection.