Missions, areas of operation, duration of the financing, Key figures


  • To provide financial support for projects sponsored by Bouygues Construction group employees involved
  • Support a local action initiated by a Bouygues Construction Group subsidiary present on site to respond to emergency situations (natural disasters)

4 areas of operation

  • Education
  • Employment opportunities
  • Healthcare (Disability included): except health research
  • Fight against financial and professional instability

Duration of the financing

The structures that carry the projects can be supported on 3 occasions within the limit of:

  • one year between first and second project
  • two years between second and third project
  • five years between third and next project



Key figures                                        

  • 374 projects supported
  • 428 employees involved
  • 283 associations financing
  • 35 countries

Areas of intervention

  • 48% of projects education/employment
  • 52% of projects healthcare

Breakdown by areas

  • 65% in France
  • 35% other countries