Our employees armed with their commitment

A discussion with these sponsors who combine their professional activity and solidarity.


ricardo Martins

Ricardo “I am really proud that my company backed this project”

In Bondy, Terre Plurielle funded the acquisition of a dozen interactive whiteboards in an institution for children with disabilities to facilitate communication between pupils and teachers. The project was proposed by Ricardo, a construction worker at Brézillon, whose son studies in this school:

“These technological tools are a real pedagogical asset for children with cognitive problems related to attention, memorising, etc. due to their motor handicaps. I am really proud that my company backed this project. ”


Julie Adiceam - Copie

Julie “I wanted to invest more of myself as an employee”


After organising a food collection at Challenger, the head office of Bouygues Construction, in 2014, Julie decided to sustain her commitment by presenting a project to Terre Plurielle for the funding of a cold storage and eight refrigerated glass cases for the departmental association of the Restos du Cœur of Yvelines. It also enables the donation of 100 computers to the entire association from Structis, the IT subsidiary of the Group, and receiving people undergoing integration for immersion training programmes at Bouygues Energies & Services.

“One of my greatest joys is to have succeeded in involving other employees in this journey. Without them nothing would have been possible. I am proud of the extent of participation from all entities of Bouygues Construction in this project. ”


Matthieu Delmotte

Matthieu “This commitment gives meaning to my professional life”


The mission of the Street League Academy, in the United Kingdom, consists of fostering professional integration of underprivileged youth by offering them weekly football sessions. The goal? Help these people discarded by the job market when they go looking for employment, by working on their social and interpersonal skills, self esteem and job search. For Matthieu, a highly involved employee from Bouygues UK, this partnership entails a very strong emotional investment:

“This commitment gives meaning to my professional life. I have come to know them, a genuine relationship has developed between us and I want to help them in the long run. Seeing them rediscover confidence in themselves is the most beautiful reward ever.”


Bonnie Choi

Bonnie “I am participating in a really useful project”

The mission of the association Hong Kong Federation of Handicapped Youth (HKFHY) consists of reinforcing self confidence, improving vocational skills and facilitating access to employment of individuals with disabilities. 1,490 adults have been supported through a suitable programme and receive the help of devoted volunteers like Bonnie.

“With Dragages Hong Kong, we have been supporting HKFHY for several years through fund-raising and coordination of their activities with the volunteers. This project moves me particularly since it allows me to work on both physical and mental health, which is especially important for the handicapped. Apart from giving them back their confidence, it offers them the possibility of making new friends and discovering other countries. ”

"Lève-Toi et Marche" helps put people back on their feet
Lève toi et Marche - Get Up and Walk


Michel Aroichane

Can you tell us more about “Lève-Toi et Marche”?

For 25 years, it has been working to help those struggling to become active members of their families, their society, and the work world. It helps people who are almost out of prison, have been released from prison only to become homeless, or who are on parole and must wear ankle bracelets.  Five employees and twenty volunteers assist individuals often suffering from psychological or psychiatric issues or wrestling with addictions. The goal is to give them some structure in their lives and the keys to finding their place in society.

What were Terre Plurielle funds used for?

This is the second time the Terre Plurielle foundation has helped “Lève-Toi et Marche”. In 2010, it made a donation for a building to accommodate programme participants. This time around, the money was used to cover roofing insulation and skylight installation for studios housing participants. The upgrades mean better living conditions and greater energy savings.

Why did you want to take part?

When people I know spoke to me about “Lève-Toi et Marche”, I was immediately impressed with how the association and its allies went beyond passing judgement to focus on putting participants back on their feet by fostering solid family units. That’s when I wanted to get involved. The simple act of sharing regular meals with residents and association staff has given me a sense of how compassionate this work is.

Today I’m proud to work for a company that has confidence in younger employees like myself and generously supports the associations to which they are committed. I hope to implement other measures, like a skill-sharing programme.

Construction trades are open to everyone
Help for physically handicapped children


‘Working here would be a dream!’ Six extroverted and intellectually curious young students participating in the PHARES programme—which helps individuals with disabilities prepare for university studies—spoke their minds during their tour of the Challenger complex where Bouygues Construction has its headquarters.

First-year high school students had the chance to test out the features of Arcas, the Challenger BimLab.

Bouygues Construction’s disability advocacy team organized the event, offering these sophomores an introduction to the construction profession.

The French business school ESSEC created PHARES, and FÉDÉEH—a student federation that promotes access to higher education and employment for the disabled—has overseen its roll-out nationwide since 2011. The Terre Plurielle foundation provides financial assistance, and Bouygues Construction’s very own Benjamin Cukierman is its sponsor. PHARES provides disabled middle and high schoolers in mainstream schools weekly tutoring from university students. The goal is to broaden participants’ general knowledge, develop their oral proficiency in French and English, discuss their academic options, and dispel the myth that higher education is out of their reach.

HEC student and PHARES tutor Laure de Saint-Pierre, who gives a lot to the programme, explains: ‘Besides tutoring, the students really like walking down the halls of the school with us. It gives them a chance to talk about student life and get a better feel for it.’

And it works. The high schoolers in attendance have big ambitions: doctor, marine biologist, politician, businessperson, professional athlete. The sky is the limit for them. Boris Chedot, who works at Bouygues Construction and has a disability, tells them that ‘employing an individual with a disability is like employing anyone else; the company will adapt to your needs.’

The field trip ended with a tour of Bouygues Construction’s headquarters: the Challenger complex. There the high schoolers learned about the company’s innovative projects, and some of the students even plan to apply for an internship !

A spa area for people with disabilities
Un espace balnéothérapie pour adultes IMC


Le centre de vie PASSErAILE accueille de jeunes adultes handicapés à Herblay (95) depuis septembre dernier. Grâce au soutien de Terre Plurielle, ce nouvel établissement dispose d’un espace de balnéothérapie. Zoom sur ce projet parrainé par Thomas Tampé.


PASSErAILE accueille 40 résidents Infirmes Moteurs Cérébraux (IMC) qui vivent pour la grande majorité dans l’établissement. Chaque lundi, ils choisissent les activités qu’ils pratiqueront durant la semaine. Arrive en toute première position l’espace de balnéothérapie qui leur apporte détente et relaxation après une journée passée en fauteuil roulant.

Pour Stéphane Bengono, directeur de l’établissement : « Cette activité leur permet de se détendre, d’avoir une sensation de liberté et de bien-être. Cet espace n’aurait pas pu voir le jour sans le financement de Terre Plurielle. »

Magalie Bazire, chargée des soins et de la vie quotidienne ajoute : « La balnéothérapie est toujours occupée. Les résidents y viennent seuls, en couple ou avec leurs copains. Ce contact avec l’eau leur donne confiance en eux et facilitera par la suite la pratique d’activités aquatiques. »

Thomas Tampé, parrain du projet conclut : « Clémence, ma cousine, atteinte d’infirmité motrice cérébrale habite dans un autre établissement PASSErAILE. C’est donc tout naturellement, de part cette proximité familiale avec le handicap que je me suis engagé dans ce projet. J’incite tous les collaborateurs impliqués dans des projets qui leur tiennent à cœur à soumettre leurs dossiers à la fondation. »

100 computers for Les Restos du Cœur!
Un espace balnéothérapie pour adultes IMC

Structis has donated 100 computers to the Restos du Cœur in Yvelines. Julie Adiceam is the sponsor of this project supported by the Terre Plurielle foundation. Testimonials.

You are the one who instigated this computer donation project for the Restos du Cœur in Yvelines. Can you tell us more about it?

The Yvelines Restos du Cœur branch employs people in the process of joining the active labour pool who take apart and recondition almost 800 computers each year. In times like these, when budgets are limited and charities are greatly affected, Structis and Terre Plurielle’s donation was very much appreciated. The 100 computers will be distributed among all the Restos du Cœur charities in France.

Why did you decide to sponsor the Yvelines branch of the Restos du Cœur?

I wanted to organize labour and social actions benefiting a charity in the Yvelines department of France. It all began in Spring 2014 with Bouygues Bâtiment Ile-de-France, Délégations & Partenariats Publics, where we organised a collection during Sustainable Development week. I then wanted to further my commitment by submitting an application to the Terre Plurielle foundation to finance the purchase of a cold compartment—as their refrigerated truck had been stolen—and 8 refrigerated displays for the distribution centres in Yvelines. The project received €14,354 in funding.

You have also encouraged Bouygues Energies & Services to embark upon this adventure with you. On which project?

We have worked on accompanying people in their efforts to enter the active workforce. Two people were welcomed on work placements in Challenger and in Australia to help them with their transition to the work world. I am proud of the extent of participation from all entities in this project. I wasn’t expecting the project to be completed so quickly after filing the application. This experience is very enriching and I would encourage staff to take part in the adventure!