Certificates in hand! 🎓
"Les Transmetteurs" Association


In 2020, Terre Plurielle provided €25,000 for the project to fit out an educational flat used for practical training* to support people with multiple frailties in their homes, set up by the Transmetteurs association.

After a few months of work, the equipment of the room has enabled the trainees to acquire and deepen their knowledge.

On 9 March, the first graduation ceremony took place. The winners were joined by Dr Emmanuelli, founder of the “Les Transmetteurs” association, the teaching staff, the President of the IUT Paris Pajol and the team from Terre Plurielle, the Bouygues Construction foundation.

Once again, a huge congratulations to these 7 women for obtaining their certificates!👏

*This training is provided by the Transmetteurs association, which has a pool of retired volunteer doctors whose primary mission is to provide support to medical and social structures. Within the framework of the training course “Accompagnement à Domicile de Personnes à Fragilités Multiples”, the transmitters train and serve as teachers to people who are destined to the professions of home accompaniment of dependent persons.