Improvement of reception and monitoring conditions for Egyptian children attending nursery school
Les Enfants de Louxor's association

Sponsors: B'Tonics - Bouygues Travaux Publics

Created in 2007, the association helps underprivileged children in the Luxor region of Egypt. It is active in several areas, including education through the development of schools, literacy for women and education for young girls. In particular, the association works in a nursery school in the village of Ezbet Basili.

After providing support on several occasions to improve the conditions under which children are taken care of and monitored, in 2020 Terre Plurielle is contributing to the following funding: school fees, tutoring, purchase of materials and equipment, medical analysis expenses and the purchase of food.

More information about Les Enfants de Louxor's association, click here!

This project is part of the: Education/Healthcare/People in need
Country: Egypt - Louxor
Terre Plurielle’s contribution: €8,000
Selection Communittee: November 2019