Pedagogical and artistic programme for the students of a Moroccan public high school
Dosha Chta7's Association

Sponsors: Bouygues Bâtiment International / Bymaro

Created in 2019, the DOSHA CHTA7 association fights against social inequality through art in all its forms (design, culinary art, architecture, dance, etc.). The association works with Moroccan children who do not have fair access to education.

As part of a partnership signed with the Mohamed Zerktouni Public High School, the association proposes the incorporation of a pedagogical and artistic programme into the school curriculum.

Supervised by the French teacher, the headmaster and qualified participants, several workshops are offered to students in the French section (contemporary dance, art, cinema, theatre, slam, etc.), with the final goal being the creation of a show, an art exhibition, a short film and a documentary.

Terre Plurielle is contributing to the funding of the equipment required for the workshops (cameras, costumes, dance mats, etc.) and the remuneration of the artistic contributors.


This project is part of the: Education
Country: Morocco - Casablanca
Terre Plurielle’s contribution: €8,000
Selection Committee: November 2019