An open-air school for professional integration trainees
"Acta Vista" Association

Sponsors: Bouygues Travaux Publics

Since 2002, the ACTA VISTA association has been dedicating its actions to the integration and professional training of the most disadvantaged people in terms of employment, on historical monument restoration sites.

On the Citadel d’Entrecasteaux site in Marseille, the association provides access to professional training and qualifications via work experience to people excluded from conventional avenues of training, helping them obtain certificates in professional masonry specialising in old buildings.

Terre Plurielle is contributing to the funding of the 2020 "Maçon du bâti ancien" (mason specialising in old buildings) training course for 98 insertion trainees.

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This project is part of the: Employment/Education/People in need
Country: France - Marseille (13)
Terre Plurielle’s contribution: €20,000
Board of Directors: December 2019