Healthcare & Disabilities


Access to soft mobility for all!

Sponsors: Bouygues Entreprises France-Europe - Losinger Marazzi

Created in 2010, the Roule & Co association is taking action for the promotion of cycling as a means of transport in Annecy and its surrounding areas.

It offers its members a number of workshops: hands-on repairs, awareness, help with cycling, a traffic committee, and more.

This year, the association is creating a new activity targeting older people living in EHPADs (accommodation for the dependent elderly) and retirement homes who have few or no opportunities to enjoy field trips in the great outdoors.

Within the framework of this action, the Terre Plurielle Foundation is participating in the purchase of an electric tricycle enabling the association to launch this new activity dedicated to the residents of 8 EHPADs and 3 sheltered housing facilities in the surroundings of Annecy.

More information about " Roule & Co", click here !

This project is part of the: Healtcare
Country: France - Annecy
Terre Plurielle’s contribution: €8.000
Selection Committee: November 2020


Covid-19 Emergency

Sponsors: Emmanuel, Mohamed, Miryam, Camille, Medhi, Jérôme, Olivier, Emmanuelle, Amadou Abou, Iris, Sophie, Denis, David,Valérie, Alcides, Fabrice Noël, Frédéric, Aude

The Terre Plurielle foundation has joined forces with Bouygues Construction Group employees to support those involved in the fight against COVID-19.

Sponsored by 18 employees, 17 projects were supported. The foundation has mainly financed supplies and equipment related to the fight against the coronavirus.

  • First aid kits

  • Purchasing masks, hand sanitiser, visors, plexiglass

  • Acquiring digital tablets for a nursing home and a home for isolated persons

  • Fitting out a room for the public: bulkheads, benches, sanitary facilities, etc.

  • Purchasing an electric vertical lift to equip a COVID-19 post-hospitalisation service

This project is part of the: Healtcare
Country: France
Terre Plurielle’s contribution: €20.590
Selection Committee/Board of Directors: June 2020


Un soutien dans l’épreuve
Dar Zhor association

Sponsors: Bouygues Bâtiment International / Bymaro

Founded in 2016, the Dar Zhor association helps and supports people with cancer and their family and friends.

As a supplement to treatments provided in clinics and hospitals, it offers physical activities, aesthetic treatments, nutrition workshops, healing energy work, and psychotherapy help through the support groups it organises.

With the aim of consolidating the Dar Zhor centre’s activities, the association is hiring a communication and fundraising manager to handle communication with the general public and sponsors. Terre Plurielle is helping pay for the communication manager’s salary for the 2020/2021.

More information about association, click Here!

This project is part of the: Healtcare
Country: Morocco - Casablanca
Terre Plurielle’s contribution: €15.000
Board of Directors: June 2020


School of Life

Sponsors: Bouygues Travaux Publics

Founded in 1963 by Princess Grace, the World Association of Children’s Friends (AMADE) is based on a vision of a world where every child, regardless of his or her social, religious or cultural background, can live with dignity, in safety and with respect for his or her fundamental rights.

Present in about fifteen countries, AMADE relies on local associations to implement projects whose purpose is to protect the most vulnerable children.

In the Philippines, AMADE supports an initiative to support young girls who are victims of violence, called “School of Life”, created and run by the association ACAY.

These young girls receive medical and educational care, vocational training alongside their studies, and help realising their personal projects.

Terre Plurielle contributes to the costs of accommodation and care as well as the schooling costs of young girls hosted at the School of Life for the year 2020/2021.

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This project is part of the: Healtcare/Education/Employment
Country: Philippines - Manila
Terre Plurielle’s contribution: €15.000
Board of Directors: June 2020


Served with💛
"Café Joyeux"

Sponsors: Bouygues Energies & Services

The Emeraude Solidaire endowment fund supports general interest humanitarian and solidarity initiatives.

As part of its actions related to disabilities, Emeraude Solidaire opened its first structure called Café Joyeux in Rennes in 2017. This structure gives people with mental or cognitive disabilities the option of training and working in an ordinary environment.

The project’s goal is to open a new Café Joyeux in Versailles. After an initial construction phase, Terre Plurielle is helping to acquire the kitchen equipment for this establishment: an oven, a multifunction cooking appliance, the extraction hood, induction hobs, a refrigerated table, etc.

More information about the structure, click Here !

This project is part of the: Healtcare/Employment
Country: France - Versailles
Terre Plurielle’s contribution: €20.000
Board of Directors: June 2020