Healthcare & Disabilities


The Cani Kart, an innovative activity adapted to people with disabilities
the Déclic’Animal Association

Sponsors: B'Tonics - Bouygues Bâtiment Sud-Est

Created in 2019, the Déclic’Animal association aims to promote animal mediation for persons weakened by age, life or disease. The association travels around 44 social and medico-social establishments in the south of France where it offers educational and/or therapeutic sessions. The animal mediation programme is developed in line with the wishes of the beneficiaries and the projects of the participating social and medico-social establishments.

The Cani Kart is an innovative activity for vulnerable people, proposed to partner establishments. To achieve this, the association must acquire 3 specially adapted Karts allowing them to offer outings to the beneficiaries so that they can enjoy an activity in harmony with nature and dog teams trained in puling the karts.

Terre Plurielle contributes to the purchasing of suitable karts and the supplies and equipment required for the smooth running of this activity.

This project is part of the: Healthcare
Country: France - Nîmes (30)
Terre Plurielle’s contribution: €10,000
Board of Directors: June 2021