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Art therapy sessions for women with cancer
EOLLIS Association

Sponsors: Bouygues Energies & Services / Axione

Created in 1992, the EOLLIS association’s role is to listen to, support and guide patients and their families in the south-eastern part of the Lille metropolitan area. This organisation is made up of 5 different services, including the Cancer Resource Centre (ERC) which runs workshops for women with cancer.

The Phalempin ERC, one of the 12 Cancer Resource Centres located in the Hauts-de-France region, offers art therapy sessions, which include making a silk scarf using watercolours, collage, writing and drawing.

Terre Plurielle contributes to the financing of these art therapy sessions and the purchasing of the supplies and materials needed to produce these silk scarves.

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This project is part of the: Healtcare
Country: France - Phalempin (59)
Terre Plurielle’s contribution: €8,000
Selection Committee: May 2021