Healthcare & Disabilities


Support programme to favour the employment of people with disabilities
The Amicale Marocaine des Handicapés association


Created in 1991, the Amicale Marocaine des Handicapés (AMH) is an association which is involved in numerous fields such as health, autonomy, education and training. The association’s mission is to promote the inclusion of vulnerable people with disabilities through its 4 reception centres.

It has several structures including a social centre, where the team of social workers support vulnerable people within the “Social Action” division. The association is keen to extend its services by creating a support area dedicated to the professional integration of people with disabilities.

Accessibility work is required to allow people with reduced mobility to benefit from training (job search, IT and language) and personal development workshops (coaching workshops, discussion groups, debates and conferences).

Terre Plurielle is contributing to the accessibility work and the purchasing of the furniture and equipment needed to support the beneficiaries.

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This project is part of the: Healtcare / people in need
Country: Morocco - Casablanca
Terre Plurielle’s contribution: €8,500
Comité de sélection: May 2021