Healthcare & Disabilities


The provision of assistance dogs to accompany vulnerable people
the Handi’Chiens association

Sponsors: Bouygues Bâtiment International - Bouygues Energies & Services / Axione

Created in 1989, the Handi’Chiens association aims to train and provide free assistance dogs to people with disabilities and vulnerabilities.

Officially recognized since 2005 as “an aid to independent living and integration into the ordinary environment”, the dogs trained within the association facilitate the social integration of people with disabilities and vulnerabilities by allowing them more autonomy.

Terre Plurielle contributes to the financing of the maintenance, the medical care and the handover of 3 Handi’Chiens whose support will benefit 141 people accommodated in the following establishments:

  • The IME Jean-Paul medical and educational institute in Evry à 60 young people aged 6 to 20

  • The Stêr Glas EPHAD old people’s home in Hennebont à 65 elderly people including 10 in the Alzheimer’s unit

  • The Hautes Roches living centre in Boussay à 16 people from 20 years old


This project is part of the: Healtcare
Country: France - Saint Brandan (22)
Terre Plurielle’s contribution: €15,420
Board of Directors: June 2021